Handouts & Sample Documents: 

Flow of the In-Service.docx

Learning Objectives.docx

Sample PRE in-service Questionnaire.docx

Sample Sign In Sheet.docx

Sample Introduction.docx

Sample DMT Pamphlet.docx

Sample Handout- Dimensional Scale.docx

Sample DMT group proposal for a specific site.docx

Sample PowerPoint Slides.docx


C. F. Berrol & R. F. Cruz (2012) The case study: Colclusion. Dance/movement therapists in action: A working guide to research options. (p. 93) Springfield, IL. Charles C. Thomas Publisher. 

Hackney, P. (2002) Rotary improvisation- Eyes all over the body. Making Connections:Total body integration through bartenief fundamentals (p.143). New York, NY. Routledge.